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Training Videos

 These are only a few of the tools available from Soft automation 

System Overview
System overview
Edge tool
Edge Tool with Custom ROI
Edge Tutorial
Edge tool in custom ROI
Find bead out of position
Find Bead Position
add image processin
Setup Custom ROI
Image Processing
Add Text To Display
Add Text to Display
Inspect for Foam
Inspect for Foam
Angle Tool
Find Object Angle
Set origin (0,0)
Find object Set Datum (0,0)
Make Tools track Datum
Link tools to Datum

Configure _Executing Inspects

setting digital outputs 

Asynchrounous operation

Thermal system overview 

Configure _Execute programs

Configure _CSV export

Configure _Set Calibration

Configure _IO Erik 

Adding buttons to toolbars

Changing Calib setup in TIM 

Running Thermal system

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